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Straight To The Bone

This song is by Cornerstone and appears on the album Arrival (2000).

Give me your best shot
Let it run deep
Swimming in the thick mud
You still have time while the lion is asleep

I'll stick to the logic
We came for
I'll pray and believe

Show me your weak spot
Would you believe
All of them big shots
They have snow on their minds and talking

I see them gamble
Shuffling for their needs
It is hard to handle
When they open the door to a monster
from a dream

I'll stick to the logic
We came for
I'll pray and believe

We'll cut straight to the bone
And face the barrel/battle
And we'll hope to see white flags
Down the line

Soaked in cold sweat
Losing all in one
Closer to their last step
Before they hide and bring in Mr. Bond

Give me a reason
All is said and done
End of their season
They'll take us back to a darker kingdom come

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