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Midnight In Tokyo

This song is by Cornerstone and appears on the album Human Stain (2002).

Shout it Out
Under neon skies the hot night city streets
You are the master of your own fate
All that you have heard, this place where
dreams come true
Is not so very far from you
You are never alone here

Spotlight flashes bright and blinds you
where you stand
Lighting up this sea of hands
Screaming voices rise and slowly die away
Burned in the memory of the day
You can soak up the nightlife at the
Lexington Queen

Shout it out
Midnight in Tokyo

Speeding faster than a bullet from a gun
Through the mountains we will run
Kiss Osaka then it's on to old Kyoto
Where you know we're gonna shine
I can never belong here but I don't want
to go home

Shout it out
Midnight in Tokyo

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