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This song is by Cornerstone and appears on the album Arrival (2000).

A thousand times a day
I'm all alone in my shell
It's the prize I'll pay
When I drag you through hell

When I close my eyes
I watch the waves rise and fall
And as a turning tide
I'll fly to tear down your wall

And when the lights start fading
I'll be back for some more

In the night you feel me you fear me
I believe you're shooting a dead end
Let the light face me
Can't you see I'm blind and fooled again

But it feels like a drug circling around in my blood
And it keeps repeating

Morning comes alive
And the fields turn to gold
But I can't deny
All my fears have grown cold

This stranger on my side
Has a way for goodbyes
Another way to hide
Between the truth and the lies

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