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Sleep On The Left Side

This song is by Cornershop and appears on the album When I Was Born for the 7th Time (1997).

Sleep on the left side
Leave the right side free
Hope gets salted
As those around you leave

Were gonna let it up
Like India House on fire
Were gonna let it go
And let it go higher
Let it go

Sleep on the left side
Houcam is our call
Were gonna take it
That virgin fall

Theres gonna be some
When we let it up and let it breathe
And all the holes doused with grief
And planets up and time to leave

No Asian fire will leave us dire
Born again to Asian lion
There comes no telling how it will be
What's turned to smoke was in our hearts
And planets up, what we have lost

Foot racing from kitchens
Down alleys through gullys
Meeting every second hour
Never to come to terms with the [Incomprehensible]

Foot racing to Putabin Key
'Cause there's too much going on
To jeer on green goddesses
Local dignitaries and labor counselors
Always in touch by way of the community organ
We're about to be orphaned

Sleep on the left side
Keep the sword hand free
Whatever is gonna be
Is gonna be

For the 7th time
Without tumbling desire
Easy disease
Were gonna let it known
And let it go slow, let it go

Sleep on the left side
Sleep on the left side

Some sounds, some burdens can release
Some sounds, some burdens can release
Some sounds, some burdens
Sleep on the left side

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