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Ain't Gone Change

This song is by Cormega and appears on the album The True Meaning (2002).

I ain't forget the hunger pangs
Stomach growlin like thunder and rain
Fame calmed the savage that I once became
My status wasn't established from trying to get a name
It came from serving addicts lead and automatics bang
My physical form grew stronger in a Riker's Island cage
Only as to weaken so many of my people
Passed away like leaves in the wind
Or kids blowing ashes from trays
I possess the ghetto essence of that which I portray
I'm an emotional chamelon, see how I adapt to pain
Before we enjoy the sun we must first get past the rain
A lyricist similar to Donnie Hathaway
Clearly superior to many all I really lacked was fame
The +True Meaning+ that fact remains
My presence is felt like the Knicks when Patrick reigned
I'm living now, fuck back in the day
Does freedom have a meaning if you trapped in your ways
I'm Queensbridge most respected rapper
That ain't gone change...

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