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Gameshow 1

This song is by Corky and the Juice Pigs and appears on the album Corky and the Juice Pigs (1993).

Two gameshow announcers meet on the street

Hi Bob, how are you?

Just fine Bill. But I see you have put on a little weight, ever since you got your brand new GAS B-B-QUE!

Along with a year's supply of Kingsford Charcoal - get the Kingsford edge! But I've seen you cruising down the street- in your BRAND NEW CAR!

A Chevy Vega! Deluxe convertible hatchback, with reclining bucket seats and an AM/FM radio. But that is nothing- compared to WHERE YOU'RE GOING!

Puerto vallarta, Mexico!

Oh my God!

I'll be spending seven days and six sensuous nights at the beautiful Puerto Vallarta Hilton, overlooking the exotic Gulf of Mexico.

Lunch and dinner not included, Bill.

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