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This song is by Corina and appears on the album Corina (1991).

We only know what we see

There was a love
Once upon a time
A fairy tale
Her heart was blind, blind, oh
He lived for her
So happily ever after
I turn the page
The story fades
As I call your name
It makes me so

I hear whispers at night
That you're seeing somebody new
I can't believe it's true
Baby this can't be you
But if there's someone else
Baby then let me know
I never thought I'd
Ever have to let you go

Hello my love
What's going on, on, uh?
Tell me baby
Aren't you gonna prove them wrong, wrong, uh?
I hear your name
It's not the same, boy, they're saying things
Is this a game?
Am I insane?
No this can't be real
It makes me so


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