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Out of Control

This song is by Corina.

I just can't explain, the pain I'm feeling over losing you
You left me all alone, and I don't know what I'm going to do
Thought this love would last but we're not together
And I'd be loving you forever
So many lonely days, turned into longer nights
I'm standing in the darkness trying to decide who was right

Out of control, you walked out on me
My dreams were shattered baby can't you see
Out of control, I know I was wrong
Your the one that I loved, I've loved you all along

My mind tells me to leave you, but then my heart tells me to stay
My heart tells me to call you but then my mind says not today
Ask you to return to where you belong, together we'll learn right from wrong
Run back to me, or then I'm coming after you
Just give me one more chance to prove my love can be true

Through the years I showed I loved you so
The question lingers, why did you let me go
And though in time my pain will heal
Nothing will change the way I feel

If only I can go back in time and make some changes in our life
I never meant to use all those words that cut like a knife
Have to make this work because I believe I need you and you need me


Written by:

Danny Elfman

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