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Loving You Like Crazy

This song is by Corina.

Hey boy
Stop look and listen
It doesn't get any better than this

I was in search of perfection
A rainbow to fill up the sky
Night after night misdirection
With faces that honestly lie

I sense you could be a love
That poets only speak of
But don't hold me to my dreams
Look to my eyes and see that I mean

To be loving you like crazy
Boy can't you see that I really need
To be loving you like crazy
Boy stay with me
I really need to be loving you like crazy

Dark is the road just to see you
Questions go blank in the fog
Town after town streets are barren
Memory of you driving me on

I want you to be my love
And prove that I'm worthy of
Your light says you'll wait for me
Dance till the morning
Love's victory

I'll be loving you like crazy
Boy you are to me
Everything I need
To be loving you like crazy
Reach for the night I'll be your light

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