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Break The Chain

This song is by Corey Hart and appears on the album Jade (1998).

Original video
Does it ever end, tell me?
Does it ever change colour
Does it ever start feeling better
While the rains keep reminding me
Does it ever heal, show me
Will it ever rise higher than
All the secret pain hurting everything
I only want to know love

Break the chain
Break the chain

Can I draw the moon sleeping
Can I paint the sky speaking
All the silent words louder, louder still
Free the universe

Break the chain
Break the chain
I only want to know love

When I lose my way, find me
When I am afraid, soothe me
When I cut I bleed, touch me
Truth is everything I believe in

Break the chain
Break the chain

I can run wild raise my arms
Reaching for the open sky
I belong here where the light is strong
I will lay my body down
Imagine all the flowers again
Break the chain

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