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This song is by Corey Crowder and appears on the album Gold And The Sand (2008).

Baby, I'm trying and Lord knows I've been down
But I'm working real hard to make things right
Stop me if I'm lying. I know I've been wrong
And it ain't been nothing but foolish pride

Don't you know that I'm on your side?
Its just love, sweet love tonight
Don't you doubt the tie that binds
Its just love, sweet love tonight

This song seems simple, but we know it's true
Ain't nothing that's simple with me and you
We've seen our good times and we've seen the bad
But every day seems back to new

Don't you know as soon as we start living
We'll find ourselves in something new
But honey when you can't seem to get back on your feet
I'll be there to see you through

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