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Ghetto Superstar

This song is by Corey and appears on the album I'm Just Corey (2002).

Can I tell y'all a story about my history I'm sure alot of y'all can relate to me,
See I'm from the ghetto, a place where me and my brother share the same clothes.
With no hard wood floors, and the winter was cold. I'm talkin' 'bout the ghetto
'Cause I know about the ghetto, 'Cause I know about the ghetto. I'm not gone to stay here
No I got plans to get out of here. I see my name big light. Oh lord I want to taste some of the
Good life.I want to be

I want to be a superstar and have superstars, all I want to be.
I've got big dreams of being a super starand a superstar. (A ghetto superstar)
That is all I want to be

What you know about that hardknock like, what you know about that welfare life
Sleep for dinner having government cheese, praying for the lord to please bless
Me (oh) and get grandmama out, tryin' to buy every footlocker out living ghetto faboulous
No doubt you know what I'm talking about. you know what I want to Be

Rolling up slammin' cad. doors holdin' down every homie I know, never ever
Will I be broke, I want to be, I want to be a ghetto superstar (repeat)


And if some of y'all went through what I've been through you know I want y'all
To bob your heads like this cause you know every one didn't come from great homes.

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