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​Broken Mirror (Seven Years Bad Luck)

This song is by Coretta Scott and appears on the album Scream & Shout (2005).

This time spent broken
Holding out for sleep
Holding out for something special she says "god, we ruined special long ago"
And there's gotta be something
Perpetuate the most intolerable of dreams thus far known
The couch as the bloody scene
My God if you hurt her, then you're talking to me

In reverie, the shadows behind the stairs will cloth
Our frailty like our skin will never have to be exposed
Excuses why you never got out
The bruises makeup would never cover
A single regret, forceps and I guess that's it yeah
But I was like you once
Never again

The couch as the bloody scene
And my God in heaven if you ever touch her again
Then you're talking to me