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Red Sky Harbor

This song is by Corelia and appears on the album Nostalgia (2011).

A pale grey
Is over head
I'm dragging feet
In the sand
It grows inside
To return instead
And still I'll take
My chances
Here alone.

As the sun surely rises I will toil beneath the waves
The scent of sea air lingers in my lungs at the end of the day.

This is my dominion
Through clear water I can see
All the past I've been here
Wading through forests of plant-like monstrosities.

To think I would ever find such riches
Beneath the oceans wide
Sinking down
To the
Depths of my demise
As the seas turn dark and frightening.

Immersed I've been in self-righteous findings
I fade in lieu of reflecting within.

High on martian life
My body begs for rest in this cavern's peaceful eye
Impending death before me, I'll catch
My breath before I leave
Somehow I'll press on in spite.

It's a vast ocean that I am becoming
I fade in lieu of reflecting within.

I am
Is this me?
This shard of earth
Cast from within
The darkened sea.

At last
To drink
The warmth of the sun
Is free.

I'm not tired
I'm not afraid, I know
I'll stay here for a while
I'm not tired
I'm not afraid, I know
I'll stay here for a while.

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