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Welcome to the Massacre

This song is by Copycat Massacre.

Welcome to the massacre
cuttin' heads make a scream queen cream
break a switch of the world tree
crushin' souls makes a man outta me
Lynch mobs and death squads
Rock to the rhythm of that copycat sound

Die blut Das boot
Die blut ist lieben Das boot ist tod

Shit out from the bowels of god
a collage of mad genius
Captain gigas paces
his eye towards hunab ku
this is our goal and we shall die
whether we reach it or not
so lets show those pig fucks what it's like

crew of the azreal this is the union police
this message is your warning shot
you have tensecounds to comply if not you die!

Light those fuckers up I wanna watch 'em burn
no cops are gonna stop us I wanna see 'em die
Remember our mission is to murder god
So no matter who dies
we all will soon

Wave after wave of union police
met a bitter end at the hands of azreal
now the most efficient weapon ever devised
sets sail for hunab ku

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