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Sympathy for the Victim

This song is by Copycat Massacre.

You gotta realize your gonna die
gotcha tpaed to the fuckin chair
shake at head like you just don't care
Imona make hate to you

I gotcher wallet I gotcher name
I gotta gun I gotta knife
I think I might just rape your wife
BUT NOW!!!!!
I'mona make hate to you YES
Imon make hate you now

I'm alone in this world
I had no hand in it's makin'
were so alone in their world
so take my hand my butchered baby boy

I love the smell of your oxford shirt
when it's covered in my excrement
that look on your face is just indecent
I feel your heart can you feel my intent?

I love you I hate you
I wanna live forever
inside your corpse
like a homoerotic possum
homoerotic possum
homoerotic possum

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