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This song is by Copycat Massacre.

Was I born just to bread
born just to consume
devour life and drown in illusion
I cry out my own name
profaning such vile drek
that clutters my mind
which is it's self diseased

can the soulless be damned.
can you punish those who cannot feel
can you purify pure filth
I can't escape
this dry wall cage
that I slaved to posses
and sold my soul for

I can't escape their light
neon and putrefying
it corrupts my soul with its lies
Now I don't want to die
just to cease existence
for you and me and everything else

I just wasn't some Hindu death God
to relieve my pain
with one final swipe destroy this universe

kali were are you
I dream of your lovin' arms caress me gently
then crush out my life!

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