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Bowser's Lament

This song is by Copycat Massacre.

Mario sunshine what a croc
Mario sunshine what a lie

Better spray that shit offa yer souls
Better wash the sin outta yer soul!

King of the koopa's still I couldn't stop you
This time your meddling has gone way to fart

You've stolen all I've loved in my life
Destroyed my kingdom and taken my queen

Now you are the murderer of my children
How can you live with your self you sick fuck!

You crushed their little bodies
Beneath your feet
Like they were nothing
But scraps of rotten meat

Wendy Iggy Morton koopa jr.
I still see your shattered shells in my dreams

I will avenge you somehow my babies
I'm so sorry for what I have done

This time I will destroy you
Peach will be mine and I will have peace!

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