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Injected With Violent Supremacy

This song is by Coprocephalic and appears on the album Gluttonous Chunks (2013).

Frantic womb bears embryo of the supreme violence
Vulgar media catechized the lucid conception
Malignant digress with constant brawl
Chisels the attention of unadulterated
Scenes of odious blushes the mass
Prize of the frantic womb demolishes
The waiting room coats with aftermath
Of duodenum shims
Walls medical quacks and pseudo escorts
Drips the residues of pain and horror
Fatal impact of the violence injection
Leaves the disturbed victim
To carry on the enraged gene
Unstoppable menace leads to the smooth operation
Demolishing as one goes
Apprehension arouses within one look in the eye
Violent supremacy the antidote of the weak
Epidemic of the lethal injection
Drifts among the decrepit beings
City of red splashed with a touch of torso splits
Disseminates the baleful injection of supreme violence