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This song is by Cop Shoot Cop and appears on the album Release (1994).

Can't remember my lines
Can't come up with a rhyme
Or even a reason
(Just can't erase)
But I still can't place
The name or the season
You say it's fine -- keep your place in line
Keep biding your time but you talk in a vacuum
Because you've been bought
I don't know what I want
But I know I don't want to be anything like you

All you bottom feeders
And you smiling cheaters
You're a total blank
And you're as funny as a bank

Not ready to drop
Not ready to stop
Not ready to cop, run away or compromise
I won't break down
Or go on the take now
You smell like a fake
And there's nothing in your eyes
Keep your crutch
Because I don't need much
Just a little luck
(My charm is broken)
Get out of my sight
And I'll be all right
Exit stage right
And leave your lies unspoken

All you bottom feeders
And smiling cheaters
Specimens in a tank
And you're as funny as a bank

You're cut out of your depth
Up to your neck in a sea of alibis
Smim or sink
(Deeper than you think)
Because I'm on the brink
Of justifiable homicide
With your $2 spin
And your 3 buck grin
Transparent skin
Gives away your intentions
You're like a migraine
That gobbles up all dreams
And spits out shit too dull to mention

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