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Ambulance Song

This song is by Cop Shoot Cop and appears on the album Release (1994).

Original video
When it's 4:30 in the morning
And the vacuum sucks you in
The tell tale trace of guilt upon your face
The sidewalk feels just like your skin

When your heart is full of winter
And your days become like living in a lie
And the clouds outside your bedroom windowpane
Resemble crippled children limping slowly 'cross the sky

When you grasp at straws like forgotten songs
And your memory's short but the days are too long
Every dream that you bought seems to slip right through your hands
Well, love has got disorders and work has got demands

Don't say a word
Don't make a sound
Just might be going down

And when the sun is pounding on the pavement
And the streets are dripping flesh
And murder gets to sounding like a kind of inner peace
And everybody wants to know what's going to happen next

Well, I won't give away the end my little troubadour
Though I've been here before and I can't bear to watch the rest
But don't you blink, don't close your eyes or it will pass you by
The weight of history is hanging on your chest

Don't say a word
Don't make a sound
Just might be going down

Well, your problem's sticking with you just like flies up on a strip
You'd crawl inside your head but it ain't worth the trip
You rearrange the furniture but it always looks the same
Christ on a crutch, too late, too much, call it a day

Don't say a word
Don't make a sound
Just might be going down

Could be you're going down

Written by:

Tod Ashley Wikipedia16 / Jim Coleman Wikipedia16 / Steve McMillen / Jack Natz / Phil Puleo Wikipedia16

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