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The Devil Is Dope

This song is by Coolio and appears on the album My Soul (1997).

If you free your mind your ass got to go too
Cought up in that same old pattern, trapped as a homie
Couldn't go through, searching for answers without no questions
Never thought it could happen to you and your crew
But your blood is no sexual, started out frontin' it was all 'bout kicks
And each and every kick seem to turn out to be a trick
Imagine this, they have no family, they got no ends
They got no hustle, no muscle, no car no crew, they got no friends
Once all in the neighbourhood bouncing tall
No G living life as walking dog
Niggas hate to admit it but they know it's true
They're running down the hood having kids wanna be just like you
Here I stand as a witness, trying saying, claiming, selling a victim
Get just spit 'cause it's a sick ass system
You can roll when I'm rolling out from the smoke
Somebody take a vote, the devil is dope

The devil is dope (out of control) the devil is dope
The devil is dope (out to get your soul) the devil is dope

Pain seen, only imagine in my dream
The same nightmare screamin' on the scene and the TV screen
'Cause if I told that, 'round your waste I have to tie you
Everything is going black, a little bit of that, picture that
But you still can't see the thug around is demon
You need cocaine if he's tripping around then scream
Traffic is slow so you come to work at 5
So you're dancing 'round your consience and try to stay alive
Now you try to play hockey with some chicks
Niggas tell you to kick that and kick back, but you did that
And all money ain't good money
But everyone wants the cream and honey
They can have the other side as well that is so sunny
But loves only jealousy, leaves people here to grieve
From AC to old G to BG toBC
How did you call when you choked from all the smoke
Murder he smokes, the devil is dope

The devil is dope (out of control) the devil is dope
The devil is dope (out to get your soul) the devil is dope

Sunshine on your mind but darkness revile
You move yourself from hotel to hotel
Free records and a glass from cash to ash
Blood shit off your whole blown personality crash
And as your task try to make a milk ticket
So you can kick in and stripp with your chickens, but
You's the picked man since you got your own mind
It ain't hard and your fault but you gotta make your own time
Choose your weapon 'cause you're the first to wrestle
Often dictators in situations that you find yourself cought in
If you're still blind and you can't see
You better obtain yourself some glasses and clear your vision like dmc
I remember what I told you, remember who are the soldiers
I wonder who are the strangers
'Cause there's too large amount of danger
Man I'm on board am I the under lord
Put your ass on the boat, the devil is dope

The devil is dope (out to get you soul) the devil is dope
Listen, the devil is dope (oh lord lord lord) the devil is dope
The devil is dope, you better believe it, you better believe it
You better believe it, you better believe it, the devil is dope
The devil is dope (so much, so much pain) the devilis dope

Written by:

Artis L., Jr. Ivey; Tony Hester; Bryan Keith Dobbs

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