Cool Hand Luke:Window Seats And Last Wishes Lyrics

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Window Seats And Last Wishes

This song is by Cool Hand Luke and appears on the EP So Far... (2000).

a fast escape
it's what i should have done
a long time ago
i'll meet you there
don't worry about a thing
i've got it all planned out
i'm never coming back
i've been here for so long
i'll finally get what i deserve
this plane is soaring on
i wonder if they'll miss me
i never said a word
oh what tragedy to realize
the grass was always green
under my own feet
whatever can i do
i promised You my life
i said i'd give it all
but that was never true
life is vanishing mist
i'm never coming back
i haven't been here for so long
i guess i'll get what i deserve
this plane is going down
God, i hope they miss me
i never said a word
(about You)
life is vanishing
like mist before my eyes
i've lived a lie
took so long to realize
one more day Lord

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