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Two Pianos

This song is by Cool Hand Luke and appears on the album Wake Up O Sleeper (2003).

You say to yourself,
"Nothing will shake me"
You take hold of the world to find yourself.
You find yourself so empty.

What have you let go of and for?
What have you let go of?

You were a brother before you were a king
when you're determined what will you be?
You were a tower lifted up so tall.
We have to gasp as we see the height from which you fall.

You wanna hide beneith the pretty paint.
You wanna be okay with everything.
You wanna be transformed and stay the same.
You wanna be dry in the rain.

You loved you skin and dropped the "K".
You were called to be free.
Do you wish again to be enslaved?
One hand to the sky, the other to your side.
Clinging to a bag filled with two thousand dollar bills.

What have you let go of and for?
What have you let go of?

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