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Rest For The Weary

This song is by Cool Hand Luke and appears on the album The Fires Of Life (2004) and on the album The Balancing Act (2007).

Hey, it's me
I'm sorry it's so late
I can't sleep I knew you'd be awake
You're always home
Waiting by the phone
For nights like these when I'm feeling all alone

I wish it didn't always have to be this way
I wish that I could talk to you face to face
But nothing compares to the way You always listen
and know just what to say

Hold my hand
I can't stand alone
Here I am, waiting for you to take me home

Oh, I just want to sing
I wish that there were just a word
For what you mean to me
I would only say it once
In hushed tones so it would not grow old
But all I have is, "I love you"

You're my Jesus, You're my hero
Everything I wish that I could be (x2)

You're the one who comforts me
When everyone is gone away (x5)

I can't stand alone
Here I am, waiting for you to take me home
I will keep on singing because you hear me
And I will keep on smiling because you're near me
I'll sleep well in a promise tonight

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