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She Loves Me (She Don't Love You)

This song is by Conway Twitty and appears on the box set Rock 'n' Roll Years (1997).

Well, I can see you're dancing every dance with her
And seems to me you're dacing much too close her
And when you set at our table, you set next to her
But my heart knows it's true (yes it's true)
She loves me, she don't love you.

Just one look and I can see she likes your style
With your flirty ways, your fancy clothes
Your flashin' smile
But infatuation only last a little while
But my heart know it's true
She loves me, she don't love you.

Well let me friend
I'm wise to your lies
Even telling that I am the guy for her
And every little thing you do and say
Has given you away
You're in love with her.

Well just one more dance with her
And friend you're gonna see
What it's like to hit the floor
And do a little dance with me
So here's your coat and here's your hat
I think you better leave
'Cause she told me it's true
She loves me, she don't love you...