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Race Is On

This song is by Conway Twitty and appears on the album This Time I've Hurt Her More Than She Loves Me (1975).

I feel tears wellin' up goin' deep inside
Like my heart's sprung a break
And a stab of loneliness so sharp and painful
That I might ever shake.

You might think I'm a takin' it hard
Oh, she wrote me off with a call
Don't you wager that I'll hide the sorrow
I may break right down and bawl.

Well, the race is on
And here comes pride
Up the backstretch
Heartaches are going to the inside.

My tears are holding back tryin' not to fall
My heart's out of the running
True love scratched for another's sake
The race is on and it looks like heartaches
And the winner loses all.

One day I ventured in love
Never once suspectin' what the final result would be
I lived in fear of waking up each morning
And findin' that you're gone from me.

Achin' and pain in my heart for today
Was the one that I hated to face
Somebody new came up to win her
I came out in second place.

Well the race is on and it looks like heartaches
And the winner loses all...

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