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Little Boy Love

This song is by Conway Twitty, features Loretta Lynn and appears on the album Feelins' (1975).

Oh, a little boy love is a love that's true
The kind of lovin' that I have for you
I don't want the moon and the stars above
Just gimme your little boy love.

What kind of lovin' you give to me
My little boy love, I give to you
It's the kind of lovin' that I'll always be
Yeah, the little boy love is the love that's true.

Hey, there honey, I'm in love with you
I sure do love your little boy love
Hey there sugar do you love me now
Yes, I love your little boy love.

Oh, my kind of love...

Think I'll try your love and see
I think you like my little boy love
It's the kinda lovin' that was meant for me
Yeah, you like my little boy love.

Baby, I think you know the score
I sure do love your little boy love
Please, please honey, won't you give me more
Yes, I love your little boy love.

Yeah, my kind of love...

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