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Letter and a Ring

This song is by Conway Twitty and appears on the album I Wonder What She'Ll Think About Me Leaving (1971).

(Conway Twitty - J.E. Lewis)

I came home this morning,
I looked around
I called out to my darling
But not a sound.

And there upon the table
By an old love magazine
Was a letter from my baby
And a golden wedding ring.

The table told a story,
I can't forget
A half a cup of coffee
And a half smoked cigarette.

I could see she'd waited,
Hoping I'd come home
But some coffee and the cigarette
Told me that she was gone.

I opened up the letter
And read the tear-stained lines
My world for me was ending
Right before my eyes.

She said, "I set you free now
Go long and have your fling."
And all my baby left me
Was a letter and a ring.

(Was a letter and a ring)...

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