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Imagination Running Wild

This song is by Conway Twitty and appears on the album I Can't Stop Loving You/(Lost Her Love) On Our Last Date (1972).

Just like all the other times as we entered
Across the white dance floor then to the bar
I thought I saw him smile in your direction
Or was my imagination running wild?

With ten minutes he had asked you for a dance love
Oh, too soon you said you'd like it fine
I thought you danced too close to be strangers
Or was my imagination out of line?

--- Instrumental ---

As the night grew old the wine had made you careless
It seemed to me that he was just your style
I said let's go home before there's some heartache
And you said your imagination's running wild.

My mind was filled with cruel and painful vision
Afraid I might be wrong, I tried to smile
Then you left with him and all my fears were happ'ning
And my poor imagination's running wild.

Yes, my poor imagination's running wild...

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