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I Don't Love You

This song is by Conway Twitty and appears on the album Final Touches (1993).

Pray before I close my eyes
Please don't be in my dreams again tonight
I don't love you.
There's no place in your life for me
So just get out of mine and let me be
I don't love you.

I don't stare at your photograph,
Wishing I could get you back
I don't need you at all
I swear it's true
I don't love you.

Think I'll go out on the town
Find someone to wrap my arms around
I don't love you.
I won't think twice when she's kissing me,
I won't be haunted by your memories
'Cause, I don't love you.

I don't think of the night you left
How you left me with no regrets
You just turned to me so calm and cool
And said, "I don't love you."

--- Instrumental ---

Ooo, I don't love you is what I say,
When the pain is too much to take
Over and over till I believe, it's true,
I don't love you.

I don't love you.
I don't love you.
I don't love you...

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