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I Didn't Lose Her

This song is by Conway Twitty and appears on the album I Can't See Me Without You (1972).

You may find her in a tavern in the cheap part of town
With bright lights and music and a crowd gathered round
It may be too late now to tell her but I love her more today
But I didn't lose her, I threw her away.

She stood by me, looked for the good in me
When she knew I was wrong
I would love her just enough to keep her hanging on
She stayed much longer than she should
Then she walked out one day
But I didn't lose her, I threw her away.

She only wanted me to love her and to tell her so each day
Now, she's somewhere in a tavern wasting her life away
But don't be too fast to condemn her for what she might do or say
For I didn't lose her, I threw her away...

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