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I've Never Loved You More

This song is by Conway Twitty and appears on the album Georgia Keeps Pulling On My Ring (1978).

I got out of bed this morning, smoked a cigarette or two
Then I read the morning paper just the way I always do
Saw a picture of you darling, and I thought of yesterday
And I know I've never loved you more
Than I'm loving you today.

Heard my wife say come to breakfast
And I quickly turned away
She said darling, what's the matter
aren't you feeling well today.
Oh, it's just an old discontent
And it soon will go away
But I know it's never hurt me more
Than it's hurtin' me today.

What a shame to waste a woman like the one I'm married to
But I know I could love her if it only were for you
I keep praying old mem'ries soon will fade away
But I know I've never loved you more
Than I'm loving you today...

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