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Donna's Dream

This song is by Conway Twitty and appears on the box set Rock 'n' Roll Years (1997).

Dream Donna dream
Dream Donna dream.

In a sleepy little border town
Lives the cutest girl
for miles around
Never dreamed of things
Like wealth and fame
Oh Donna is her name.

Every night when she's fast asleep
Donna always dreams a dream of me
I know all her little plans and schemes
I'm the boy in Donna dream.

Every night
when the moon is bright
I meet my Donna
and I hold her tight
Her angel eyes
And her golden hair
When Donna needs a dream lover
I'll be there.

When she wakes up
And I'm all alone
I lose my Donna
With every dawn
I'll be with her
Once again you see
When my Donna dreams of me.

She gonna meet me
Someday for sure
I may even be the boy next door
And if she finds me
She's gonna to know
That I'm her dream lover
And I need her so.

But until I am reality
I know my Donna's
gonna dream of me
I know all her little plans and schemes
I'm the boy in Donna's dream

Dream Donna dream
Dream Donna dream...

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