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A Tree in the Meadow

This song is by Conway Twitty and appears on the box set Rock 'n' Roll Years (1997).

Words And Music By Billy Reid

In the country lies a meadow
In the meadow stands a tree
'Neath the tree flows a river
But my fondest memory.

Is the tree in the meadow
With a stream drifting by
And carved upon that tree
I see "I'll Love You Till I Die".

I will always remember the love
In your eyes the day you carved
Upon that tree "I'll Love You Till I Die".

And farther on down lovers' lane
A silhouette I see, I know you're
Kissing someone else
I wish that it were me.

By the tree in the meadow
My thoughts always lie
And wherever you go
You'll always know "I'll Love You Till I Die"...

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