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This song is by Converge and appears on the Compilation album Caring and Killing (1998).

The sky is falling around me.
You choke in the saturated bliss.
A sky so much bluer than mine.
Strangulation of your warm soul.

Your flesh weakens me,
Joyless under the falling sky,
Your sky seems so much bluer,
Buried in displeasure.

I sink up through the sky rising into the grave in my mind, Fly your dove,
Kill your love,
Bleed for me,
A tear shed without sincerity.

Open your heart and bleed for me,
I will never set your soul free,
A fossil of you tempter,
Only flesh of what was.

Ashes of your fallen dreams,
I look into your eyes,
And I can't recognize yo,
But your sky is so much bluer than mine.

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