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​Fingers In Your Nose

This song is by Contact Play and appears on the album Champion Fraff (2009).

Performed by Mr. Key
Verse One

Mister thick ill his fate
I'm still sick an depraved
With a pick and a spade
I sit diggin' a grave
Man you don't even need to read the ink on my page
You can see the truth written in my grimacing face
When I
Listen to the shit that you make
There's six million ways to piss in your face
And choose one my whole crews coming through unscrewed
Singin' fuck you you fuck you and fuck you
Its who
Mr. Key from the SMB
Not the type a prick to claim that I'm the best MC
See who wants to be an MC not me
Some people seem to think that that's a bit off key
But I drop a freestyle whenever wherever
Mashed up on acid tabs chattin' bare cheddah
For the fun of it
Another grubby kid from the rubbish tip
I love to spit give a fuck you can suck a dick
If I'm fucking shit spit bars on the jokes one
If you ain't havin' no fun go home son your so glum
(Screamo piss take)
Can't remember why you rate this
But reckon your the greatest
I reckon I'm degenerate and wasted
And still come heavier than anything I'm faced with
Yes I'm an escapist
The sweaty little eight
Steppin' in and disrespecting everything you rate

So put your fingers in your nose
If you love Hip Hop
And if you don't
Break that you can suck this cock
I be pickining my bogies and crusty snot
Disgusting slugs and slow
Blowin' up your spot. (What the fuck you got)

Verse Two

I'm the opposite type
A hot rock in the pipe
Hob goblin
Eyes shot wobblin' by
I wipe my snot rocks on the work that I write
Got proper supply and stop rocking the mic
A lot of the time you see me floppin' its fine
Rock shows so fucked I forgot all my lines
And so what
Yeah your probably right
But its two for a fiver on bottles of rite
And three for seven quid (Ah yeah!)
Lets go twos on that and start there
I swear you don't know me
Nobody knows me
I'm home alone with a nose full of bogies
And bogus show ponies
I've thrown in my chokey
I can flow blows like a focused shinobi
And bling is for the posies, posers and phonies
Acting the twat at the rap kareoke show
So lets go toe to toe
But I thrown no blows man I blow my nose
Overdose, the bunged up piss our tease
Mr. Key pickin' boogers like Biz Markie.