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Odd Man Out

This song is by Consumed and appears on the album Pistols At Dawn (2002).

I'm thinking that I don't believe you
Now you've said what you want to say
I want to put it all behind me
And start again on a brand new day
It's a grey day again
It fucks me off
And when it hurts my head, I stay in bed

But it only happens when you're gone
I make decisions that go wrong, and go on
But today I don't feel so happy
Take a rest, save the best for another day

If I said I could relieve you
Would you thank me and let it go?
If you'd only stop complaining
And look forward to a better day
It's a grey day again
It never shines
It only fucking rains on you again

Is this the way it's supposed to be?
I don't like the way that you spoke to me
I'll make it up some other way
Another day, another shit day

Written by:

Steve Ford, Will Burchell, Wes Wasley, Chris Billiam

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