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Accept Me for What I Am

This song is by Consolidated and appears on the album Play More Music (1992).

Song of the Day
October 11, 2006
We've known each other since we were ten years old
Couldn't feel the cold
Growing up in Texas football going to see the dicks and the bigboys.
Our identities ran parallel for thirteen years,
Then the changes came I can't explain brought confusion, challenge and fear.
Many things they taught us worked for you, but not for me.

So much pain, unanswered questions
High school is all about sex and violence
I was the antithesis and the target
The reason for kids to be hateful and violent.
Because I am Gay this was hard for you
The other kids put pressure on you to move away from me, ostracize me.
I hope that you wouldn't patronize me.
Why can't they accept me just for what I am?
I am not the elephant man.
They act as though this is some choice I made.

You say that I'm unnatural
My sex is against your religion
Then how's it a bigger sin than trying to make some woman suck your kiss?

Eighteen years old in a far away city, but I'm not alone.
I've got convictions love and life, but you've got to be strong.
I wrote you a letter and never expected it to be returned.
Hatred is something that will never leave,
But from ignorance you've got to learn.
If we want equality, we've got to open our eyes.
Hate is rationalized, it cannot be justified!

(Music continues as audience members speak.)

(audience member 1:) "We're your brothers and your sisters. We're your sons. We're your daughters. We're your best friends. We're your neighbours. We're people that you've never seen before. We're people that you see all the time."

(audience member 2:) "I'd like to thank Consolidated for promoting queer peace. Gays and lesbians. Dykes, fags, everything."

(audience member 3:) "No one can be really happy with himself, unless he feels free to be himself."

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