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Then And Only Then

This song is by Connie Smith and appears on the album Connie Smith (1965) and on the compilation album The Best Of Connie Smith (1967).

This song has been covered by Loretta Lynn under the title "Then And Only Then".
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Then And Only Then
In your haste you left and said you'd be returnin'
In my sorrow I forgot to ask you when
In my lonely room I sit and count the hours
Every minute hoping I'll look up and you'll come walking in
For then and only then will I stop crying
And this aching breaking heart of mine will mend
Not until I feel your arms around me
Well I'll be happy and I live for then and only then

All that's left inside my heart is just your echo
And the tiny thread of hope to which I cling
But if I keep holding on maybe some day
You'll remember where you left me and come back for me again
For then and only then...
And I'll live for then and only then

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