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Breed Some Courage

This song is by Congress and appears on the album Stake Through The Heart (2000).

The old king is dead, we took his trone,
The crown once on his head is now replaced by a tombstone.
His rules, they have failed us when chaos took over.
The new millennial reign, we have to accept in vain.
I accept the challenge, I will roll the dice.
Into this new era, I won't look back twice.
Time to breed some courage, time to cross that line.
Allthough we might stray, I'm not affraid of Y2K.
Some signposts point to destruction, whereas others tell of renewall.
Now what can we do?
Shoot ahead or turn back?
New leaders they come and they go, probing for new souls.
After Christ fought Satan, who will take control?
And will you hold your ground when day of reconing comes?
Will you surrender to disease or will you join the ranks of the proud?

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