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Prepare Yourself

This song is by Confessor and appears on the album Condemned (1991).

blinded by your hate
lunacy strikes again
lethargic is your mind
controlled by guarded time
endless thoughts reborn
vitim wastes the night
the fate has now been torn
the sacred cherished right
you're lying there dormant
the end is in sight
disfigure yourself
the end of your life

fixation growing near
the culprit hears your cry
you cower at your life
prepare yourself to die
inhale the winds of doom
prepare yourself to die

tear and torture, your believers
fall to passion for recognition

fall you bastard, to anothers ho
fake, false laughter

face the first friend
submit, sanity
taught to tease them
follow me all the way
your dues will soon be paid
conjure up a prayer
walk alone to prepare

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