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Un-Sweet Sixteen/Wakefield

This song is by Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen.

Bang bang
On the bathroom door
You say you can't take it anymore
I say let's even up the score
I'm sorry
Fall fall
The tears are falling
Ring ring
Who's that calling
Stop stop
Soccer balling
I'm sorry
Un-Sweet Sixteen
Always acting like a beauty queen
Like you're posing in a magazine
Un-Sweet Sixteen
Un-Sweet Sixteen
I'm coming clean
Breaking down my self-esteem
My Un-Sweet Sixteen

She she
She only smiles
Smile smile
Cuz that's my style
But you're acting like a child
Won't let this whole thing go away
Cuz you thought that I was out to play
I just don't know what to say
You're psychotic
(Music Breakout)
Un-Sweet Sixteen
Un-Sweet Sixteen
Un-Sweet Sixteen
My Un-Sweet Sixteen

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