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This song is by Conception and appears on the album Parallel Minds (1993).

Part i
"Sweet Lavender"

Sense the purity of your own mind, child
Such an innocence not yet caught by judging eyes
Don't touch me, little seed, 'cause I'll betray you
If you follow me, you'll never see

Trough a crack in the wall
You watch the world nearly paralized
By this glimpse of tomorrow
And a glimpse is all you'll get
Wherever you fly 'cause you'll go blind
The moment you reach down

On your way you'll start wonder
Where the ocean meets the sand
On your way you'll feel that heaven's
Slipping slow through your hand

Sweet lavender can't remember
What it felt like running trough the rye

Part ii
"Non-Electric Redemption"

In the heat of her breath my life seems worthwhile
When she swallows my soul I can hear the conch' hymn
And I can watch myself moaning, sweating, climbing,
Penetrating my prime with a smile

Fill my needs, give me eternal redemption
Call my name with a sense of pride when I break through

She's the medium, I need to find my way home
She's my intermediary to everlasting youth
But I can't find myself in the depths of her bliss
Is it me, is it her or the world we're living in?

Heal my wounds, bring me eternal salvation
Call my name with a sense of pride
Don't make me now

All I gained non-electric redemption
She is not what she used to be before I fell
Tell me why, why she's crying, beseeching?
Call her name with a sense of pride as you go down

Part iii
"In These Rooms"

There's no purity left to save my soul from his cavalcade
And no strength to carry on, don't touch me
Little seed 'cause I'll betray you if you follow me
You'll never see there's a heaven in your hand, child
There's a place, I'm dying to hide you

Poor lavender, cold but tender
Life could only teach you how to cry

In these rooms a plaintive whisper fills the air
On these walls I crucify my self to hail you
Right now the time is ripe for change
The time is ripe for change

Pierce my body, drink my tears and my blood
Come, be one with me through it's getting dark
I can see the light through I'm getting weaker
I still feel I'm alive

Show me the way, follow me in
To heaven or hell, truth our faint illusion
I need you, I need your eyes

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