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This song is by Conception and appears on the album In Your Multitude (1995).

Blind eyes search the sky
But try not to reveal uncertainty behind
Images dancing on a wall
Each tear a vision, the more you cry, you'll learn
It's so easy to hide in the dark

The song you know so well
Encourages to flee the answer to your tears
Lingers in colours you can't see
Each word a whisper, the more they say you'll find
It's so easy to hide in the dark

You won't find the treasure
Below the rainbows end
Black and white are strangers
To the pictures of the rain

You meet another day with hasty little lies
When someone laughs you turn away
Glad people make you feel unsafe
There's a place where all is sound
Where you know you won't be found

Where the sun and the moon never shine
And it's easy to hide in the dark

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