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Bowed Down With Sorrow

This song is by Conception and appears on the album The Last Sunset (1991).

(Music: Tore Ostby)
(Lyrics: Tore Ostby)

Tears falling from the sky
Cold winds make the fade leaves fly
Sadness and sorrow is filling the air
Crying for you, 'cause you're no longer here

You have spread your wings
And flown far away
Only present is grief
I'm bowed down with sorrow

Grief, more than I can bear
Hope turning in despair
Bowed down with sorrow, I'm bowed down in vain
Thre's no one here who can ease my pain

You have spread your wings...

Pain and suffer, all I see
Misery is blinding me
Time will come when I will follow
But so long I'll mourn for you

You have spread your wings...

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