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Angel (Come Walk With Me)

This song is by Conception and appears on the album Flow (1997).

It's only me my friend
Your private lucifer
An angel heaven sent down to your deepest fears
Walk with me
Talk to me again
In your sleep
When you're weak astray
I feel you right inside me
(Nothing can be right if there is no wrong)
All around me
(Innocent replies from a twisted tongue)
I am the golden calf
Providing hate and greed
I am the other half
Maintaining harmony
Silently violently
But pure in your sleep
When you're insecure
I feel you right inside me
(Love cannot be real if you cannot hate)
All around me
(Pain is only pleasure in a different shape)
I feel you right inside me
(How can there be heaven if there is no hell)
All around me
(Nothing can remain if it's all too well)
I feel you right inside me
(Beauty has no meaning if without the beast)
All around me
(There's no way to freedom till your mind's released)

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