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Concept of One (1993)Edit

Concept Of One - Concept Of One

Concept Of One

  1. So in Love (featuring Brenda K. Starr)
  2. Got the Love (featuring Christian De Cotto)
  3. Saving All My Love (featuring The Latin Rascals)
  4. We've Only Just Begun (featuring The Latin Rascals)
  5. Spend My Life with You (featuring System 3)
  6. The Way She Moves (featuring The Latin Rascals)
  7. Would You Like to Get Together (featuring Tony Moran)
  8. The Question (featuring Noel)
  9. Dance with Me (featuring Tony Moran)
  10. So in Love (The In Love Mix) (featuring Brenda K. Starr)

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Band members:
  • Tony Moran
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