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Tonight I Took Your Memory Off The Wall

This song is by Con Hunley and appears on the album Oh Girl (1982).

The months drag by and still I can't be sure
How much misery can a man endure
But tonight I'm feeling better, I don't ache at all
Tonight I took you memory off the wall

Out of sight is out of mind to some
But I keep hoping that someday you'll come
Back to arms that love you and wait for you to call
But tonight I took you memory off the wall

The lips that promised always to be true
The hand I held in mine when love was new
If only I could see you for what I'd give to say
Will I still love you more with each new day

If you come back, you'll find I'm still the same
And if you're scared, well, it's not you I blame
A man can go so far on hope then he begins to fall
So tonight I took you memory off the wall


Written by:

Steve Dorff, Milton Brown

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