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This song is by Con Funk Shun and appears on the album To the Max (1982).

You are Everlove

When all the songs are written
And every word is said
There will still be you, yeah, yeah
'Cause there's something very special
In the way that you love
And I believe we can go on forever

You are Everlove
You are ever, Everlove
You are Everlove
I'll be everloving you always
Always, always

When all has been forgotten
The way I feel about you, baby
Will still go on and on
A powerful emotion
That time could never change
And I'll make this my promise to you

You are Everlove
You are ever, Everlove, Everlone
You are Everlove
I'll be always, always
Loving you, baby
Loving you, darling


You, you, you are Everlove
Ever, Everlove
I'll be loving you always, baby
I'll be everloving you
You'll be everloving me
And we can go on and on
On and on
On and on and on, baby
You are Everlove
So sweet
You are Everlove
So sweet, so sweet...

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